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We have taken the responsibility of providing nutritious well-balanced meals throughout the day.  These include breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. 


If your child arrives after a mealtime please be sure that they are fed. 

Clothing and supplies

Please provide one complete seasonal set of clothing for your child in case of an emergency with their name written on it including separate daycare shoes to be left at the facility.


We recommend a blanket and pillow for napping with their name written on them with a permanent label or marker. 

Diapering/Potty Supplies


You will have to supply us with wipes, ointments, diapers, etc. All of these supplies must include the child’s name written on it with a permanent marker.  

What Not to Bring From Home


Toys are permitted on Fridays for show and tell yet we will not tolerate any type of toy that leads to violent play.  (Such as: toy guns, knives, swords, etc. including if the toy provokes fighting between the children.) All toys must be shown to the provider before leaving so we can make sure they are safe and do not include any small pieces which could pose as a choking


Disclaimer: While we do try to keep track of special items brought from home, sometimes things get lost. In this case, we are unable to replace any lost items. To avoid situations like this, it is the parent’s responsibility to label the child’s items in a large and readable print.   

Health Policy


If your child is sick or injured, the child should stay at home to rest so that they can resume in our daily activities. It is important to let us know, at least the night before, that your child will not be attending school. When a child stays home or is picked up early due to illness parents must provide a doctor’s note stating it is OK for the child to return to daycare before returning to our facility.


If a child becomes ill during daycare hours, the parent will be notified and must pick up their child within an hour; during that time, the child will be separated from others to reduce the spread of germs. For example, if they get chickenpox or any contagious illness/virus, please let us know immediately so we can notify all other parents of a possible outbreak.


It is the parent's responsibility to provide up-to-date information on their child’s medical history (ex. Updated immunizations, change in health history). Parents are responsible for letting us know if the child was not feeling well or if the child was given any kind of medication. Notification is required for any kind of injury which occurred while not at daycare (ex. bumps, bruises, scratches, etc.).

Tuition Policy


Upon enrollment, parents must pay the first and last week tuition along with a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee for file setup.


Tuition will be due by the end of each week on Thursday. If the end of the week is a holiday, then tuition will be due the day before the holiday.


If a child is going on vacation, tuition will be due one week prior to the child leaving on vacation. Federal holidays are observed and must be paid for as part of the school week.


No tuition will be due during the weeks out of the year when the facility is closed for school vacation (Spring Break/End of Summer Break/Year End Break).


A fee of $30 will be applied to any bounced check. If more than two checks are bounced, then tuition will have to be paid in cash only. If tuition is paid late, a late charge of $10 per day must be added to current tuition fee (weekends & holidays included). If tuition is consistently paid late, we reserve the right to terminate care.  

Pick up/Late Pick up Policy


If a person other than the child’s parent is picking up the child then proper ID will be required.  


Full parental supervision is required at all times during pickup or dropoff. We will assist as needed but please be mindful that we are still responsible for the other children in our care.


Parents should be mindful of pickup/drop off during nap time which is scheduled after 12:30-3:00 pm.


Late pick up past 5:30 pm will be charged at the rate of $1 per minute. It is important to let us know of pickup past 5:30 pm at all times.


If the parent ever seems intoxicated or under the influence, providers reserve the right not to release the child.

Open Door Policy


Together we can help the children transition into a new environment of learning and socialization.  I encourage parents to drop in at any time during care to help their child transition into their new surroundings.  


Parents can drop in before or after our scheduled nap time so that children can rest without disturbances.

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